Project in Asni in Morocco

Fondation pour l’éducation et la santé PIOU REDO

The objective of the project is to allow young girls from the remote region of Asni in Morocco to continue their education


If Morocco has adopted a strategic vision for 2015-2030 to promote school education of any type, it is common to see even today a drop in the education of certain children at the end of primary school, in remote regions of the country. It is mainly girls who are affected, for reasons of poverty and custom. In Morocco, less than one third of girls in rural areas are enrolled in middle and high school.



For that reason the sheltered Fondation pour l’éducation et la santé Piou Redo wished to join forces with the local association "En route pour l'école" in order to support two reception houses in Asni, close to the the High Atlas, located 40 km south of Marrakech. These shelters will make it possible to guarantee the education of isolated young girls from 8 to 18 years old by offering them accommodation, meals and all the school materials necessary for a quality education, in the public schools of Asni.


Each reception house represents a place of accommodation and study for around fifty young girls in total. Thanks to the educational work of the “En Route pour l'Ecole” association, these residents benefit from academic support and daily support from the teams present. Students thus integrate the reception houses every Sunday evening and join their families on weekends and during school holidays.


The association "En route pour l'Ecole" has recorded very positive learning results, insofar as all the girls in care progress from year to year in their school curriculum. Families are also involved in the school monitoring of their children, they are invited once a quarter to take stock.


A third reception house also opened its doors in September 2019.




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