The right to education for South Sudanese refugee children

Maßvoll Stiftung

Supporting the education of refugee children in Sudan, Uganda and South Sudan while promoting equal opportunities for girls


Ever since South Sudan was established as a country in 2011 it has experienced devastating wars due to political and economic instability. As a result of these wars, a large portion of the South Sudanese population has been displaced. The Maßvoll Stiftung supports UNCHR’s project which aims to provide South Sudanese children, who account for 60% of the refugees from South Sudan, with access to



The project operates in Sudan, Uganda and South Sudan and focuses specifically on providing equal opportunities for girls in terms of access to education. Many of these children have lost their parents

during the conflict and have been forced to become head of their households often involving taking care

of younger siblings, which prevents them from going to school. Furthermore, girls are often left out of education and forced into early marriages. The project gives 10,000 displaced children access to       education by funding school materials, training teachers and providing the families with material support which allows their children to go to school. 



© UNHCR/Mary-Sanyu Osire

© UNHCR/Mary-Sanyu Osire


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