A second chance for street children in Cambodia

ATOZ Foundation

The ATOZ Foundation, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg has partnered with the Fondation Juniclair to help marginalized children realize their full potential, thereby enabling their communities to grow and develop.


The project takes place in Chbar Ampov, a disadvantaged district of Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh and aims at giving children a chance to return to the formal school system. From outreach programs which help in making first contact and developing relationships with children and families, to opportunities for non-formal learning to stimulate young minds, to remedial education to prepare children for the final goal of reintegration into public schools, the project provides continued support to families and children.


This support may come in many different forms including nutritious meals, safe transportation to and from schools and community centers, provision of school equipment and emergency material aid to families. Psycho-social support and academic tutoring also help ensure that all children succeed in their studies once they have reentered formal education. This project positively impacts each year the lives of 16,000 children and their family members.





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