Supporting grassroots organisations in Amazonia

Wild Flowers Foundation

The Wild Flowers Foundation supports initiatives to provide training, awareness and legal support to grassroots communities and organizations in Amazonia, Brazil.


Through support of the fundo casa socioambiental, the Wild Flowers Foundation contributes to conservation and environmental stability as well as democracy and social justice by supporting and strengthening civil society capacities and initiatives in South America.


The Wild Flowers Foundation has so far supported the following communities and projects:


  • Associação Indígena Karo Pajgap: Strengthening garden production as an income generating activity for the community
  • Associação dos Poros Indígenas Wai Wai da Amazonia: Providing conditions for food sovereignty and nutritional security, improving hygienic process methods, and generally improving well-being and quality of life for the Wai Wai indigenous people on the Anaua river.
  • Associação do Poro Indígena Tenharim Marmelo (APITEM): Supporting the creation and maintenance of subsistence gardens for indigenous family production units and for food sovereignty. Contributing to providing healthier and better quality food for the families of the Tenharim Marmelo people.


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