Jacques Toledano Chair for Cultural Dialogue

Die Jacques Toledano-Stiftung - ABGESCHLOSSEN

The Jacques Toledano Chair for Cultural Dialogue was created by the Institut Universitaire Elie Wiesel and the Jacques Toledano Foundation, with the support of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français.


The Chair aims to develop teaching and research expertise based on the intercultural creativity of the Mediterranean area, a meeting place between the three monotheistic religions and the cultures of the North and the South. It actively contributes to the construction of a contemporary dialogue which seeks to respond to the challenges of modernity.


Entrusted to a recognized scientific personality whose mandate can be renewed each year, the Chair's main objective is to combine research and teaching activities at the highest level of excellence.


The Chair's program is structured around the following interventions:


  • An annual cycle of three conferences by the appointed Chair.
  • Specialized conferences by teachers and researchers in a field related to the specific theme.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Mr. Yéhuda Lancry has been named as the President of the Jacques Toledano Chair for Cultural Dialogue. An Israeli diplomat and former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and to France, Mr. Lancry has been associated with several missions regarding Middle East peace talks.


Discover the Chair's 2020-2021 conferences below: 


27 December 2020: « Israël et le monde arabe : d’une paix à l’autre »


24 June 2021: « L'enseignement à la paix au Maroc, un example pour le Proche-Orient ? »



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