The Nubian Vault technique blends tradition and sustainability in school construction in Senegal

An ancient building technique dating back more than 3,000 years, the Nubian Vault encourages the use of local materials, reduces energy consumption and CO2 production, and curbs deforestation and desertification in surrounding areas of Senegal.


Incorporating sustainability remains a challenge for the construction industry, but potential solutions can be found in the past. In Mbour, Senegal, an eco-construction project is promoting the use of the low-carbon, sustainable Nubian Vault technique to create new classrooms. Furthering the impact, training for local companies and craftsmen in the method guarantees its reproducibility by other masons and craftsmen, even in more isolated locations.

Particularly well-suited to large spaces thanks to its post-and-beam system, the Nubian Vault also saves considerably on concrete and iron in the roof construction. The technique can also be used to create communicating rooms, allowing teaching activities to be carried out efficiently and improving learning conditions for students.